Honeycomb geometric window film pattern.

5 Geometric Window Film Patterns for Your Space

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Are you looking for a way to add a more modern touch to your space? Decorative window film is an easy way to update the design of your building. Not to mention, it allows you to do so without dropping money on a costly renovation. Plus, with a quick and easy installation, you don’t have to worry about excessive downtime or lost business. One trend that continues to gain popularity is geometric window film. Geometric patterns offer a way to bring more fun and creativity into your space, whether you want to make a statement or want something more subtle. Here are five different geometric patterns you can use to freshen up the interior design of your space. 

1. Circles

Although they might be one of the most basic geometric shapes, circles are one of the softest shapes because they don’t have any angles. In design, circles often symbolize unity and acceptance. Adding circles into your space can add some additional intrigue while still keeping the design soft and light. From smaller circular patterns to larger intertwining circles, this versatile shape can be incorporated in many ways.

2. Squares

As another one of the most common shapes, squares represent a feeling of safety and stability. Compared to circles, squares offer a more angular and sharper look. Examples of geometric window film with square patterns could include multiple tiny squares, pixelated patterns, squares of various sizes, and more. Stick with the same shades for a monochromatic look, or go with a variety of colors for something more vibrant. 

3. Lines 

Lines offer the most versatility when it comes to geometric patterns. From different colors to line thickness, there are almost endless ways to use lines in design. Not only can lines be straight, but they can also be wavy,  curved, or zig-zagged. They can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. A geometric pattern with lines might look neat and orderly or more intricate depending on the pattern. 

4. Triangles 

Triangles are another basic geometric shape that can be used in a variety of ways. While lots of small triangles can make an interesting pattern, they can also be used to create a mosaic effect. Triangles can represent two different things in design: stability and instability. If the triangle is pointing upward, it symbolizes stability. However, if it’s pointed downward, it represents instability. 

5. Hexagons 

Hexagon patterns offer something more unique than the traditional square, circle, line, or triangle pattern. Honeycomb patterns continue to gain popularity, with hexagon-shaped backsplashes and ceramic tile becoming a prominent feature in many kitchens and bathrooms. From filled hexagons to linework, there are a few different ways to use geometric window film to add a hexagonal design element to your space. 

Geometric Window Film in Any Shape, Color, or Opacity

At ST Graphics, we offer a variety of window film patterns within our Geometric Collection. However, if you don’t find a pattern you’re in love with, our designers can create a custom design just for you! Reach out today to speak to a window film expert for a free quote.  

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