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6 Ways to Highlight Your Brand

In Custom Graphics by ST Graphics

There are many ways to highlight your brand, regardless of the size of your business or your marketing budget. Why is branding important? Because these days, buyers don’t just want products and services. They want to know that they’re buying products and services from businesses that share their values — that care about the same things they do. 

Branding in your office is especially important if your clients and customers visit, but it’s still necessary even if they don’t. Branding in your office can motivate employees by helping them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and also help partners with your company understand that you’re all working together toward common goals. 

Need ideas on how to improve your branding? Here are six affordable ways to highlight your brand to make the biggest impact in your office and beyond. 

1) Canvas & Metal Prints

Wall space is valuable real estate. You can best optimize it by displaying high-resolution images that accurately reflect your brand and company values on canvas and metal prints. Choose images that really tell the story of your brand, whether it’s a customer using your product, a group of your employees at a team event, or a great shot of your headquarters. ST Graphics will transfer your favorite high-resolution photos to canvas or brushed metal plates. Either option will add dimension and style to your walls, while highlighting your brand. Canvas and brushed metal prints are available in any size. 

2) Wall Graphics & Vinyl Wall Wraps

Wall graphics are another great way to make your walls pop! Design options are virtually limitless, and wall graphics can be applied to almost any smooth surface. Add your company slogan or mission statement to one area or cover an entire wall with a vinyl wall wrap. Just imagine the impression you’ll make on your clients with an entire wall wrapped in a beautiful cityscape or a bright, eye-catching version of your company logo. 

3) Custom Graphics

Make a brand statement on any glass surface in your office with a custom film. Attract customers to your storefront with product images printed on this semi-permanent, temporary film. Boost employee morale with inspiring slogans on glass doors, or add your company mission statement to glass walls in meeting rooms. The in-house graphic designers at ST Graphics can create whatever you can dream.

4) Acrylic & Metal Signage

Signage is one of the first things to catch the attention of clients when they visit your office. Make sure your signage speaks volumes about your brand, whether you choose metal or acrylic finishes. We can cut letters and shapes from the acrylic or metal, or we can print directly onto the substrate. Printing onto acrylic or metal material provides an elevated aesthetic, compared to other common sign substrates such as MDO, foamboard, or corrugated polypropylene. 

5) Vehicle Wraps

If you have a fleet of vehicles, each vehicle is basically a traveling billboard that can advertise your brand everywhere it goes. Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to add custom graphics like your business logo or business details such as your phone number and website to your vehicle. Wraps are more affordable than paint and are also easier to swap out when needed. Choose from full wraps that transform the vehicle, partial wraps for specific parts of the vehicle like the door panels or bumper, or vinyl lettering. The designers at ST Graphics will work with you to create an eye-catching design that’s sure to make your phones ring.

6) Dimensional Lettering

Take acrylic and metal signage a step further with dimensional lettering. Acrylic and metal substrates can be cut into any shape and layered to add depth and dimension. The 3D effect of dimensional lettering makes your logo appear as if it’s popping out of your wall. Place your dimensional lettering signage anywhere that you want to grab the attention of your clients, such as behind a reception desk or as the focal point of an accent wall.

Want to learn more about these ways to highlight your brand? ST Graphics, the space-enhancing specialists, would love to help you create a custom branding solution that will “wow” your clients and your team.

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