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Adding Style to Sliding Glass Doors with Decorative Window Film

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Sliding glass doors are everywhere, from modern office buildings to old apartments, and everything in between. When it’s time to add style or more functionality to your sliding glass doors, consider the many benefits of decorative window film. You can still enjoy an abundance of natural light with added style and privacy from the quick, easy, and easily-changed addition of decorative window film. Here’s what 40-plus years of installing decorative window film on sliding glass has taught us.

Why choose decorative window film for your sliding glass doors?

The most popular reason for adding decorative film is cost: it’s an affordable way to transform the look of your space. Window films are now available in a huge variety of colors, textures, and patterns to match any design aesthetic. Whether you want a bold, graphic look or prefer subtle frosted glass, there’s an option for you. On top of the design improvements offered by decorative window films, they also provide UV protection, improved energy efficiency, and increased privacy.

Types of decorative window films

When we first meet with new customers, we like to cover the different types of decorative window films that fit their specific needs. While all of the films we install are manufactured by 3M, so they each have the same high level of quality, but there are a number of differences that we like to use to help customers find the solution that fits their style and needs. One of the first places we’ll start is on exactly what type of decorative film is right.

There are several types of decorative window films that can be used to upgrade sliding glass doors. Some popular options that our customers love include:

Frosted Film

Frosted film gives glass a translucent, blurred look. It softens sunlight streaming in and provides privacy without fully blocking light. Pros of frosted film are that it creates an elegant, ethereal aesthetic. Cons are that it significantly reduces visibility and cannot be applied selectively to create patterns.

Stained Glass Film 

Stained glass films allow you to create the look of real stained glass at a fraction of the cost. These films come in colorful geometric patterns. Pros are the vibrant, eye-catching look. Cons are that solid stained glass patterns can feel heavy-handed and darken the room.

Textured Films

Textured films add visual interest to glass with embossed patterns like rain, sand, leather, stone and more. Pros are the unique, customizable finish. Cons are that textured films show fingerprints and dirt more.

Faux Etch Film

Faux etch films mimic the elegant look of acid-etched glass that gives you an attractive, translucent finish. And unlike etched glass, using this decorative window film is completely reversible.

Specialty Films

Specialty decorative films include chalkboard films, writable films, glass board films and more, creating a fun interactive element. These can also add more purpose to glass doors and walls.

Among the pros and cons we consider when helping customers select a decorative film is the amount of light and privacy needed, the desired aesthetic, and the film’s durability. We like to provide samples throughout the process to help customers get a true representation of the colors and textures of the film we apply to their sliding glass doors.

Enjoy the additional benefits of using decorative film

Decorative window film offers numerous benefits for sliding glass doors beyond just aesthetics. You’ll be adding privacy and a measure of security to your home or business, and you may see cost savings from the added energy efficiency. 


Decorative films come in many different levels of opacity and can help provide privacy without fully blocking the light. This makes it possible to allow natural light in while obscuring views and details from the outside. Films with an etched, frosted, or stained glass pattern work great for privacy.

This frosted window film incorporates a pattern to add privacy and a peaceful visual element to this office space.

Light Filtering

Window films can filter UV rays and glare, helping protect furnishings from sun damage. Tinted or colored films will also reduce heat gain from sunlight entering through the glass. This can help cut energy costs for cooling.


It’s easy to add branded elements or information to your doors and other glass using decorative window film. We create custom designs to match your current logo or colorway to help personalize your office.


Some window films offer insulation properties, providing an extra barrier between the hot outdoors and the cooled indoors. This further reduces reliance on air conditioning in warm weather. Insulating films work by reflecting infrared heat.

Safety and Security

Decorative films can help hold glass fragments together if the window pane gets damaged or broken, improving safety and security. Films also make it harder for potential intruders to see inside the home.

Where to use decorative film 

Decorative window film can be used to enhance the look and feel of sliding glass doors, as well as accent walls and mirrors, in any room of your home or business. Think about how window film can help the people in each environment, and consult your installer to get their recommendations based on what’s worked for other customers.

Meeting Rooms and Social Spaces

Just like your living room tends to be one of the most social spaces in a home, meeting spaces and large areas where people congregate need to feel comfortable and inviting. Add style while maintaining openness and light with a subtle pattern like reeded glass or tinted colors. This allows daylight to filter in while obscuring direct views. For extra privacy at night, opt for a reflective metallic or frosted look.


Privacy is a top concern in restrooms. We recommend a frosted or textured look to obscure views from outside while still allowing natural light in. Metallic films can also reflect light around the room. Consider accenting with a bold geometric or floral pattern on a portion of the glass for visual interest.


Offices also require privacy, and a frosted and textured look allows light to filter in but obscures direct views when the occupants need more privacy for meetings or calls. You can also make a design statement with a bold pattern or creative shape like overlapping circles or diagonal stripes, add whimsical designs to introduce more personality, or incorporate branding or other information, like room name and number or the occupants name and title.

This glass office door uses a whimsical graphic window film to add privacy and personality to the room.

Where to buy decorative film for glass doors

Decorative window films for sliding glass doors are available from a variety of retailers, both online and in physical stores, but for large projects or when you want a clean, precise installation, it’s best to find a professional with experience

Cost of Decorative Film

Compared to the cost of replacing sliding doors, decorative film is extremely affordable. New glass doors can easily cost $300 to $2,000 each! The investment in high-quality decorative film pays for itself in enhanced visual appeal and added privacy. Over time, decorative film can save thousands compared to a full door replacement or remodel, especially if you are dealing with a large property.

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