Prepare for the Black Friday Rush with Wayfinding Signage

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Are you looking for wayfinding signage for your business in time for Black Friday? Wayfinding signage is a must for directing crowds on Black Friday and throughout the upcoming holiday season. Furthermore, because of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to use signage to provide guidance to customers visiting your store, restaurant, or other business.

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signs are any type of signage that provides directional assistance or necessary information to people. It’s especially useful in high-traffic areas but can be used in many different areas of your business. This type of signage typically uses short concise wording, symbols, and diagrams. To be effective, it should get the point across quickly and clearly with just a glance.

3 Ways Wayfinding Signage Can Work for Your Business

Wayfinding signage has many uses. Here are three applications to put wayfinding signage to work for your business:

Attract New Business

The impact of wayfinding signage begins before customers even enter your store, serving as great tools for attracting people to your door in the first place. According to a FedEx consumer survey, eight out of ten people entering a store for the first time did so because a sign caught their eye, and better yet, the majority of them also made a purchase. Signage on sidewalks, in store windows, mall common areas, and other areas can promote your brand, products, and services. Change the signage often to highlight items that customers might be trying to find around holidays and other times of the year. Prominently brand the signage with your logo and company name to keep your business top of mind when customers have needs for your products and services later on.

Promote Safety

Wayfinding signage can help to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. It can efficiently direct traffic flow showing people which way they should walk. This is especially important on busy customer days like Black Friday when crowds can easily get out of hand. Having floor signs with arrows directing one-way traffic flows encourages people to social distance. Floor signs also provide visual cues about where customers should stand when waiting in lines. Signs can also tell people which carts and baskets have been disinfected and where to return them after they’ve been used.

Improve Customer Experiences

More relevant today than in the past, customers value a positive experience when they enter a business. Having a great experience can build customer loyalty and lead to excellent online reviews. Having a poor experience can cause you to lose repeat business and accumulate bad reviews. Wayfinding signage helps customers to more easily find what they’re looking for and find their way on their own. This saves them valuable time, which provides a better experience. It also takes some of the burden off your staff and reduces the number of questions from customers about where to go to find what they need.

Want to Learn More About Wayfinding Signage?

ST Graphics is here to serve businesses near and far with the signage they require for the upcoming holiday season. All signage is fully customizable with your choice of text, colors, and graphics options. Our in-house design team is ready to help you attract, direct, and delight your clientele with unique wayfinding signage.

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