Decorative Window Film Applications for the Office

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Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade your office space? Decorative window film may be the answer. It’s affordable and easy to install, plus you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of downtime due to renovations. There are numerous decorative film applications that will upgrade your office. 

What Are Decorative Films? 

Decorative films apply to any flat glass surface, mainly for visual effect. However, they still offer some of the same benefits as traditional window film. They can block up 99% of ultraviolet rays, reduce glare, and improve energy efficiency. Decorative films can also add more privacy to a space. They come in a variety of shades and styles, making it easy to find something to suit your tastes. 

Types of Decorative Film 

  • Frosted 
  • Gradient
  • Etched
  • Textured 
  • Stained Glass 
  • Custom 

Decorative Film Applications in the Office 

Ensuring your employees have a fun and comfortable atmosphere is key to creating a positive office environment. There are a lot of creative ways you can use decorative window film to transform a workspace and make it more enjoyable.

Conference Room Walls

decorative film on conference room wall

While there’s a certain aesthetic appeal to glass conference room walls, they don’t allow for much privacy. If you need to reduce visibility from passersby, decorative film is an excellent option. The film can also help reduce distractions during meetings. Opaque window film offers the most privacy, although a frosted film would still let natural light pass through. 

Cubicle Partitions 

decorative film on cubicle partition

Sometimes cubicles will have glass partitions separating one workspace from another. That arrangement might be great if you want to see your coworker eating lunch every day at their desk, but it’s not always the most practical. Decorative glass finishes can enhance the privacy of your cubicle. You can also use decorative film to update the look of cubicles to something a little more fun or to reinforce your brand throughout your space. 

Glass Storefronts 

opaque window film with design

Many stores are completely glass in the front. That’s a perfect setup for some stores who want their customers to have full visibility to the products inside, but glass alone can be pretty boring. 

Spicing up the front of your storefront with decorative film can help you attract more customers. 

Alternatively, it can also provide some privacy if you don’t want any onlookers peering into your building. You can also use custom graphics to strengthen brand awareness and for advertising purposes

Storage Closet Doors 

frosted film on storage closet door

If you have storage closets with glass doors, they may not provide the prettiest aesthetic. Decorative film will conceal any messes or unorganized items you would rather keep hidden. It can also add privacy if you’re concerned about theft or store a lot of valuable items. 

Office Windows & Doors

decorative film on glass doors

While having your own office is a nice perk, glass windows and doors can be annoying at times. Whether you’re looking for more privacy or to lessen distractions, decorative film is an attractive option. You can also use it to bring more color into your space or create a certain aesthetic. While it may not be the most creative decorative film application on this list, it can definitely be useful!

There are many decorative film applications to enhance workspaces. Whether you require additional privacy or elevated aesthetics, we can help you find the perfect solution for your office.

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