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Decorative Window Film Inspiration Guide

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Whether you’re looking to add a little privacy to your office space or want to dress up your storefront, decorative window film is a great option for transforming your space quickly and affordably. But with so many designs and styles available, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this decorative window film inspiration guide, chock-full of ideas to get you started. So take a look and see what captivates your imagination!

Originally, these cubicles offered no privacy. In search of a solution that would provide the needed privacy but still allow the employees to see out when seated at their desks, we came up with a gradient image of the Cincinnati Skyline. The gradient is hidden in the clouds, with the lower panels opaque.

Balance Privacy and Natural Light with Gradient Window Film

Gradient window film is an innovative way to add privacy to the windows of any building while still allowing a lot of natural light to enter the space. With its multi-dimensional frosted gradient, gradient window film transitions from fully opaque to clear and adds an eye-catching decoration to any type of glass. Not only does this decorative film provide privacy and enhance the aesthetics of your building, but it also decreases the amount of UV radiation entering the premises by up to 99%. It also effectively addresses heat gain, keeping your building insulated from extreme temperatures while blocking out up to 75% of solar heat. Installing gradient window film is a great choice for businesses or residences looking for privacy, natural light promotion, and subtle decoration in one product.

Our client came to us in search of privacy but also wanted to add an image that related to the name of the conference room: The Lady. This iconic image, from Fountain Square, was installed on the hallway side while the bands of Dusted Crystal were installed on the conference room side.

Mimic Frosted Glass with 3M Crystal Series Window Film

Crystal Series decorative window films are an excellent choice for affordably enhancing privacy in any home or commercial building. These frosted films offer excellent clarity, superior UV protection, and a long-lasting finish; Crystal Series films last up to 10 years with no color fade or peeling. They keep the temperature inside your home or office comfortable by blocking out excessive heat while still allowing natural light in. In addition to providing practical benefits such as privacy and temperature control, Crystal Series films can give your windows an updated look and transform the aesthetic of your space. The Crystal Series is also scratch resistant to protect it from everyday wear and tear and keep it looking fresh. With Crystal Series window film, you get top-of-the-line performance that’s sure to keep you satisfied for many years to come.

Make a Statement with Geometric Glass Finishes 

Geometric glass finishes add a modern, stylish flair to any home or office space. A variety of  patterns with different shapes and sizes are available to transform plain glass into visual spectacles with unique effects. Whether used for windows, doors, partition walls or decorative features in bathrooms, these bold geometric glass finishes can elevate any interior design from mundane to extraordinary.

Distraction Bands don’t only improve safety, but can look cool too!

Promote Safety with Distraction Bands

Distraction bands of film are an innovative application for decorative film that is quickly gaining popularity, particularly in commercial buildings. Distraction bands, also known as distraction markers or safety markers, offer a simple and affordable way to add subtle indicators of the presence of glass in order to prevent people from mistakenly walking into clear walls. As open-space floor plan designs become ever more popular and glass walls and doors dominate modern office spaces, some municipalities have updated building codes to require safety features like distraction markers to protect occupants from injury. A variety of distraction band styles are available, from a thin and subtle horizontal stripe of film to thick bands of film to custom cut graphics, allowing businesses to incorporate touches of character into their office spaces to promote both safety and branding. 

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