window film applied on business windows to create privacy

Get Inspired: 9 Creative Business Window Film Ideas

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Dangerous sun exposure even happens where you least expect it, such as inside your car, home, or office. How? UVA rays penetrate windows. 
So if you think you’re safe because you’re inside, think again. But what can you do?

One way to decrease harmful UVA rays is by installing window film. And there are so many great window film ideas. Most people install window film for tinting or decor, but some films block up to 99% of UVA rays. 

Are you thinking of installing commercial decorative window films? Read on for some beautiful window film ideas for inspiring your creativity. 

Why Get Window Film?

Besides increasing brand awareness or adding creativity to the office space, window film is a real upgrade. It reduces wear and fading of furniture caused by the sun’s rays. It also increases energy efficiency and privacy.

If your office is in a city prone to graffiti, you can even get anti-graffiti film for the windows. 

It’s also great for putting your logo around the office. Do you have glass walls? Keep people from walking into them by marking the glass with window film. It’s a great way to advertise as well. 

Let’s get your creative juices running!

1. Modern Geometric Design

Try this modern geometric design for your glass-walled conference room. It lets in light and prevents mishaps. 

Best of all? It’s a fun graphic design. It comes in more than one color, including a pale white if you’re looking for something more subtle. 

2. The Organic Collection

Some studies reveal that viewing nature scenes, even among urban settings, helps cognitive function. If you can’t get to nature, bring it into the office. From translucent to almost opaque, find the nature design that fits your office environment the best. 

3. Custom-Designed Window Film Ideas

Do you have ideas of your own? Try a custom-designed window film. 

Are you a fan of your city’s skyline? Have it made into a custom window film! It’s the perfect way to greet clients and customers when they arrive at your office. 

From stained glass to rice paper, there are so many different decorative window films. 

Not interested in changing the decor or doing anything fancy? Use a custom tint with a little texture for a pleasing atmosphere. 

4. Art Deco Office

Window films are an affordable way to upgrade and redo a space. No renovations are necessary!

Bring character and charm into the office while increasing privacy. Do you often have confidential customer information up on your computer screen? No more worrying if someone’s looking over your shoulder through the glass wall. 

5. Keep the Hotel Brand Front and Center

Custom window films keep your brand front and center. Use your company colors, logos, and designs on your conference walls and front windows. This works well for any business or company. But it’s especially good for hotel and conference centers. 

Keep hotel room furniture from fading and customers from complaining of glare with tinted window films. 

Showcasing your logo and brand name on the front windows is a great idea for increasing brand awareness. 

With your name on the window, more than just your employees and clients see it. You’ll also get passersby and even people looking from car windows when they’re stuck in traffic. 

6. Grocery Stores

Window film is great for grocery stores. Running seasonal specials? Use banners custom made for multiple locations. Order them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, or even everyday specials. They’re also great for other store types too. 

7. Gym Locker Rooms 

Is your business a gym? Looking for a little more privacy in the locker room shower stalls?

Window film is the perfect solution. Add white opaque window film. It offers privacy while letting in light. Bright white offers a clean fresh finish. It’s also easy to clean. 

8. Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals

Everyone knows how important patient confidentiality is. If you run a doctor’s office, custom window films give you lots of options. 

You can add color, texture, character, and privacy. But you’ll still have plenty of light. You can add a half wall of window film and leave the top clear. That way, computer screens are covered, but the offices still look airy and open. 

Window film is also perfect for the front reception desk. Put doctors’ names and branding right up front. 

Hospitals are another place where window films offer creative solutions for privacy. 

9. Indoor Pools

Is your indoor pool surrounded by beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows?

That’s great for letting in lots of light. But not everyone wants to be seen in their bathing suit!

Swimmers often want the exercise but aren’t crazy about all the damaging UV rays from the sun either.  

The perfect solution is a half wall of window film. It affords privacy while keeping things bright and spacious. 

Big pool windows are also a good branding opportunity. Get creative with clever logo placement. 

So Many Great Window Film Ideas!

Once you see all the great window film ideas, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

Window film is the perfect solution for any office with windows or glass wall partitions. It keeps the furniture from fading and increases energy efficiency. Also, it allows for better privacy and confidentiality while letting in lots of natural light. 

From branding to decor, window film helps keep your company name on everyone’s mind. It’s easy to clean and even discourages graffiti. And window film is an affordable way to change the office decor without renovating. 

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