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How Distraction Markers Improve Buildings

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Distraction markers or bands of film are versatile tools widely used in buildings for various purposes, ranging from improving safety and privacy to adding branding, beauty, and interest to glass surfaces.

What Are Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers are patterned or frosted bands of window film bonded to glass surfaces with semi-permanent adhesives. The most common size band is 4’ tall with an equal amount of clear glass above and below the band. However, distraction markers don’t have to be rectangular at all.

Distraction Markers Are Highly Customizable

We can die-cut or print any design on decorative film. Choose bands that are straight on the bottom but show mountain ranges, cityscapes, or other designs along the top, or choose designs with entirely different shapes altogether. For example, if you want scattered circles or rows of thin lines woven into a braid, those are creative options as well.

We can also die-cut film into words or letters to create custom messaging or to identify rooms and areas of your building. Share your company values with visitors or post quotes to inspire workers. We can also cut film into shapes like arrows to provide direction and control the flow of movement of people in the building.

Your design can be cut using a variety of decorative films with specific features for even greater customizability. Choose from frosted designs, dry-erase board film, perforated film printed with an advertisement, and more.

Customize Based on Purpose

The design that you choose for distraction bands in your building may depend on their primary purpose. Here are four of the most popular applications for distraction markers.

1 – Safety

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While nothing makes a building feel more open and airy than lots of transparent glass, glass can pose safety hazards. If glass walls are too transparent, for instance, people can walk into them and potentially get hurt. Smaller distraction bands such as lines, small rectangles, room names, or your logo can make glass surfaces subtly visible to reduce the risk of collisions and injuries.

2 – Branding

Glass storefronts or any exterior-facing glass windows and doors are opportunities to promote your brand and advertise your products and services. Easily convert them into eye-catching billboards with decorative film. They can be used to attract passersby on the street or to get your brand name out there so it’s more recognizable to the public. Additionally, you use them on interior glass in a similar way to promote your brand to visitors or shoppers.

3 – Privacy

While open floor plans encourage collaboration, they often leave employees with little privacy, and options like blinds and shades block natural light and interfere with aesthetics. Distraction markers, on the other hand, add subtle privacy exactly where it’s needed without eliminating beneficial light. In glass meeting rooms, for example, a band of film at eye level gives insiders privacy from onlookers without making the rooms feel dark and closed in. Bands of film can also be created from dry-erase film to serve an additional purpose: creativity! Use dry-erase film distraction markers for writing notes and brainstorming instead of traditional whiteboards.

4 – Aesthetics

Distraction markers can add beauty to plain glass surfaces, contributing visual interest and improving the aesthetics of your building interior. Create a wall of butterflies or a modern design of sleek lines and curves. The only limit is your imagination.

Let Us Convert Your Ideas into Reality

We’d love to work with you to translate your ideas into custom film designs that will meet your unique needs. Browse here for more inspiration!

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