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Ideas for Eye-Catching Decorative Film Designs

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Decorative film designs and graphics can have a huge impact on the way workspaces look as well as how they make us feel. Decorative film and graphics work well on any glass surface, from windows and doors to wall partitions. However, their applications aren’t limited to glass surfaces. Decorative film adheres to any smooth surface for improved aesthetics, branding, messaging, and signage. These surfaces range from ceilings and walls to functional features like elevators, stair railings, and doors.

How Decorative Film Adds Beauty & Interest to Plain Surfaces

Decorative film visually enhances plain or lackluster surfaces in two different ways. First, it can mimic the look of etched glass and other textures for a high-end look without the expense. Secondly, it is highly customizable and can be printed on or die-cut to virtually any pattern or design.

For example, we’ll cut the film in the shape of your logo or into large letters that spell your business name. On the other hand, we can combine textured styles and customized die-cutting for a one-of-a-kind look. A mountainside coffee shop, for example, might choose film etched to look like stone and then have the film die cut along the top to show the silhouette of nearby mountaintops.

Decorative film also serves double-duty by incorporating other window film benefits into exterior and interior glass surfaces. For instance, the beautifully textured surface that’s easy on the eyes also enhances privacy, controls glare so it’s easier to view electronic devices, and reduces UV exposure. Not to mention, it provides these benefits while still letting in plenty of healthy natural light.

For inspiration for decorative and graphic film designs, there’s no need to look far. Interesting lines and patterns surround us both in nature and man-made structures. Here are five places to draw inspiration for your decorative film design.


From ripples on a pond to the veins that run through leaves, a multitude of patterns are displayed all around us in nature. Just find a pattern that fits your brand or space, and we can give you options for how to incorporate it into a unique application. Bring the feel of the outdoors into your space with nature-inspired decorative film designs.

City Skylines

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If your business or brand has close ties with your city, you may want to incorporate your favorite view of the cityscape into your commercial space. From your storefront to your personal office, we’ll work with you to find the right surface for showcasing the cityscape, whether it be a public-facing glass window or the walls in your conference room.


Do you have a favorite view of a mountain range or tree line? Much like cityscapes, landscapes can fit perfectly into decorative film designs. For example, decorative film on glass partitions or glass walls in conference rooms can be die-cut along the top edge to show the shapes of mountaintops or trees against the sky.

Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Premade films offer many geometric patterns to choose from already. We can also work with you to customize a new design. Geometric patterns add interest to glass and other surfaces and are perfect for modern spaces. Consider simple shapes like circles, cubes, and triangles or a more intricate design that combines varying shapes and textures.

Gradients & Colors

Decorative film doesn’t have to be monotone or homogenous. The film can have gradient patterns that gradually change across surfaces. For example, a glass wall in a meeting room may have a dotted pattern that is more translucent at the bottom near the floor that gradually provides more coverage and privacy as it reaches eye level. Film doesn’t have to be white either. It is available in many different colors and can be printed with virtually any hue you desire.

We’re Experts at Creating Eye-Catching Decorative Film Designs

ST Graphics, the space-enhancing specialists, would love to help you create a custom decorative film and graphics solution. ST Graphics is the largest 3M certified window film installer in the midwest. We serve schools, business owners, designers, and architects in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll bring your space to life.