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Not sure where to start? Whether you are in the preliminary designing, budgetary phase or ready for installation: we can help! Our experienced product specialists can help guide you to the correct products for your project. If you’re looking to match a pantone color, paint color or already have your print-ready file, we can draft up a proof.

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Step 1



Meet with one of our experienced product specialists to go over your project.

Don’t forget to view our gallery to give you some inspiration.

Step 2



To begin the design process, we have to go on site to field verify all dimensions.

Step 3



Our talented designers will go to work to create a layout based off the information provided by your project manager. The layout will then be emailed to you for your approval. Your approval is confirmation of size and graphic content.

When the layout is approved, please email your sales representative to notify them of your approval.

Step 4



Once the layout is approved a strike-off is printed. A strike-off is a printed portion of the approved artwork printed at 100%. This is to show you the exact colors and resolution the design will print at. Once you approve the strike-off, email your project manager noting your approval and the strike-off file name.

Maximum of 2 strike-offs included per project.

Step 5



Once the layout and strike-off is approved, your order will be processed.

The following is needed to process your order:

  • Approved layout
  • Approved strike-off
  • Signed Estimate
  • Applicable credit terms satisfied
  • Final ship-to address
  • Final in-hand date

Step 6



Your order will now move into production. One of our scheduling representatives will contact you to schedule an install date.