bathroom with frosted film on shower doors

Refresh Your Home with Window Film

In Decorative Film by ST Graphics

Design is constantly changing. So even though you may have loved certain aspects of your home when you first moved in, you might not feel as strongly about them now. Whether the design in your home feels stale or outdated, there are a few ways you can use window film to refresh your home: 

  • Transform Your Entryway
  • Modernize Kitchen Cabinets
  • Update Bathroom Surfaces 
  • Create a Unique Office Space

Transform Your Entryway 

From small mudrooms to grand foyers, entryways are the first things guests typically experience upon visiting your home. That’s why you want to ensure that the entryway creates an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting. Refresh your home’s entryway using window film for a clean and more modern look. 

Whether you have glass windows or a plain front door that leaves something to be desired, decorative window film can add a unique touch to your space. You can go with a simple frosted film for a more subtle look or even mimic the look of stained glass to really make a statement. 

Modernize Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have glass kitchen cabinets? While glass offers a different look than traditional wood cabinets, it can still look outdated depending on the cupboards’ design. Plus, you’re forced to keep the cabinets organized and tidy or risk the kitchen looking like a cluttered mess. With decorative window film, you can give your kitchen cabinets the look of etched glass or use it to conceal the cupboards’ contents.

Update Bathroom Surfaces 

Bathrooms typically have a lot of glass. From shower doors to large bay windows, clear glass doesn’t permit much privacy. Even if you’re strictly looking to refresh your home’s appearance, window film has the potential to improve privacy as well. Adding frosted film to shower doors or windows can improve design while limiting visibility and softening harsh sunlight. 

Create a Unique Office Space

As remote work becomes more and more common, you might find your office space at home lacking. Not only can window film be used to create more privacy within your workspace, but you can also use it creatively. 

For instance, whiteboard film might be something you think about finding on a conference room wall and not something you have at home. But as window film can adhere to any flat glass surface, not just windows or doors, the opportunities are practically limitless. Home offices also provide the perfect opportunity to utilize wall graphics to customize your space.

Window Film: An Affordable Way to Refresh Your Home

Window film isn’t just incredibly versatile. It’s also a relatively affordable solution that doesn’t require costly home renovations or extended installation periods. Most of all, window film doesn’t have to be permanent. As design trends change and your preferences evolve, you can always have the film removed and change it out as you please.

ST Graphics, the space-enhancing specialists, would love to help you create a custom decorative film and graphics solution. ST Graphics is the largest 3M certified window film installer in the Midwest. We serve schools, business owners, designers, and architects in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll bring your space to life.