Social Distancing Signage, Sneeze Guards & More: Our Response to COVID-19

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ST Graphics believes in stepping up during these difficult times, from ensuring our customers have the social distancing signage they need to manufacturing sneeze guards with our sign-making equipment. We want our customers to know that we’re taking COVID-19 seriously. That’s why we decided to share some of the efforts that we’re taking in response to the pandemic. Plus, we have some great products to help you and your workers stay safe.

Social Distancing Is Important

“Social distancing” is a new term we’ve all learned recently. It’s also a new way of life we’ve had to quickly adjust to in our daily lives and workspaces. For business owners who remain open and those who plan to reopen soon, it’s important to have social distancing measures in place to minimize person-to-person contact. The key is keeping people at least six feet away from each other.

Why six feet? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six feet is the distance that respiratory droplets can travel from a sick person when they sneeze or cough.

Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing signage can play a key role in ensuring that everyone is safe. Use it to direct customers to stay a safe distance from each other. Additionally, it helps ensure that employees can work safely, without getting too close to customers or each other. Strategically-placed signage can direct the flow of people as they enter and exit your business or direct them to move in certain ways while at your business, whether it be a retail outlet or a professional office. Floor signs, for example, can be placed six feet apart to direct people where to stand when waiting in lines. Signage shaped like dots or lines can be placed on the floor with anti-slip material.

Signs are also great for reminding employees and customers of safety protocols. Place signs telling them to wipe down carts before using them. Or to remind them to stand safe distances apart.

ST Graphics is working closely with businesses in the community to ensure they have the signage they need to keep everyone safe while keeping their businesses fully or partially open. Social distancing signage can be customized with any text your business requires, as well as your company name .

Sneeze Guards

ST Graphics is now manufacturing acrylic sneeze guards using the machines we normally use to make signs. It took a little creativity and innovation, but these trying times called for action and we thought the extra effort was worth it.

Sneeze guards are designed to serve as barriers between staff and customers. Place them in areas where employees are likely to interact with customers closely. These include cash registers, information desks, and food pickup points at restaurants, for example.

Our sneeze guards are available in standard and custom sizes. They are easy to assemble and install. Personalize them with custom messages, graphics, and your logo.

Chemical-Resistant Face Shields

ST Graphics is proud to work with manufacturers who are pivoting their operations from producing window film to making face shields. Our company is normally tinting some of the Midwest’s largest buildings with premium products. But as the world is shifting, we are shifting along with it to support healthcare providers and other essential workers.

Our face shields are authorized by the FDA for use by healthcare workers as personal protective equipment (PPE). They are also ANSI Z877.1-2015 certified splash shields against droplet hazards.

We are currently offering these U.S.-made face shields to our customers at affordable prices. We can ship the same day from our warehouse directly to your location for minimum orders of 150.

Want to Learn More?

ST Graphics, the space-enhancing specialists, would love to tell you more about our specialty products in response to COVID-19, or we’re always here to help you create a custom branding solution.

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